Enjo Business Review – Is It a Great Home-Based Business?

This Enjo Business Review will give you a brief introduction to Enjo – the company, it’s products, compensation plan and business opportunity.

Enjo is among the major companies that manufacture cleaning products that are both nature friendly and chemical-free. Whilst researching for this Enjo business review I have found a company that sells highly proficient microfiber cleaning gloves and cloths that are safe to use throughout the home. I have used Enjo myself for many years and have been very pleased with the products. Enjo is sold through direct sales via network marketing. This Enjo business review will aim to give you a better insight about the company’s products, origin and how you can earn money with Enjo.

About the company

The company, Enjo, was established in Austria in 1990 by Johannes Engl. The company has expanded widely over the years and is now active in over 26 countries. At the moment, there are many distributors globally promoting Enjo products, which are sold by customers hosting in-home demonstrations. Whilst researching this Enjo business review I found that this company, which opened its doors in the United States back in 2003, has grown steadily economically making it very firm leader in the market. Enjo is one of the top-performing MLM companies in the last six months.

Enjo products

The microfiber used in Enjo’s products may seem like a simple fabric, but because it is used without detergents and only with water, they are a very effective and safe alternative to harsh chemicals. This is what makes their cleaning cloths different because of the uniqueness of the fiber they use in their products. The microfiber cleaning cloths are available for different areas of the home such as bathroom, kitchen, dusting and floors. Due to their eco-friendliness, it is hygienic to use them and your home can look fresh and clean. These products are perfect for anyone with allergies in the home or if you simply want to be environmentally friendly. Enjo products come with a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days together with a product warranty of two years. The advantages of several of these features make the selling and distribution of Enjo products easier and more profitable.

Enjo compensation plan

Obviously after reading this Enjo business review you may start thinking that it would be a great idea to try your hand in the distribution of Enjo products. Being a specialist and joining a team of smart entrepreneurs offers you many exceptional business opportunities. The rewards can be outstanding if you’re a successful Enjo Business Consultant – earning from 20%-36% on your sales. There are also bonuses and travel rewards depending on your success In promoting and selling Enjo’s products and signing new people up to join your business.

Enjo’s business opportunity

If you are having a look at this Enjo business review, then you are probably already thinking how you can join and start earning a living from this business. If that’s the case, then read on for more information!

There are a number of ways that one accumulates money through distributorship – both by selling products and building a “downline” of distributors in your team. You need to understand the compensation arrangement that provides upfront and potentially good income – if you are successful. It is an important factor to note because if the compensation plan is lacking then it may not be a good deal for the distributors. You will also need to purchase a Business Kit to get started. In short, distributors should be able to make money immediately as they continue which can also be known as ‘now’ money, as much as they should also make passive income which may also be known ‘later’ money.

Should you sign up for Enjo?

Since Enjo has good products, compensation plan and business opportunities, then thinking of Enjo as the way to go would be a good idea. In summary, this Enjo business review shows us the company’s solidity in the market and within its operations thus making it viable to be considered. Although Enjo is a stable company with good infrastructure and may give you a chance to work from home and build a successful business, it may not offer a reliable income.

After reading this Enjo Business Review, you know that the products are good and you may assume that this is enough to guarantee your success however this will depend on how you build and manage your team and what training you receive. If you learn good network marketing skills and techniques then you could make a very successful business at home for yourself.

Karen Glover is a wife, mother and businesswoman who is passionate about family, life and business! She is always quick to help others succeed and with a background in training, is able to teach others how to find success with their own home based business.

The Wealth Nest is all about creating wealth for yourself and your family. There are many ways to increase your wealth and Karen has many different ways to do this, depending on what you are looking for.

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Business Reviews Are A Great Way To Pre-Shop

Maybe the newest large appliance has been decided upon in regards to brand name, type and kind and all that’s left is the ‘where to purchase’ part. Or perhaps the brand hasn’t been decided upon yet, but it’s obvious that the dryer no longer works and a new one will be necessary. One of the best ways to start this process is to go check out the business reviews online.

There are countless of business that may be cruised through in regards to any type of purchase. It is one of the major bonuses to a highly industrialized world. In addition to the large array of choices available to the average consumer there are heaps of people out there almost literally chomping at the bit to inform the next buyer of the superb experience they just had or the less than great skills of the last dealer they worked with. Use the opportunity to get an idea of where this next purchase made should come from.

There are a couple of good hints when reading business reviews. First, it’s important to not believe every word read. There are some people who simply don’t like a certain kind of food and therefore are going to give a bad review to any restaurant serving this food regardless of how good the service and cuisine actually were. Beware of these types. The same may go for any other item. Some reviewers out there simply like the sound of their words making a merchant’s wares sound far less than desirable. If the option is available it’s always a good idea to see as many business reviews as possible by the individual reviewing the product the buyer is interested in. Whether the review is good or bad, this can help give a more rounded view of what the reviewer feels about buying in general.

On the flip side of the ‘sour reviewer’ there are ample examples of people who think everything they’ve just purchased is the ‘hottest item on the market. Again, cruise through as many of their reviews as possible before making an informed decision on the newest purchase.

On the other hand within business reviews there are hundreds of quality examples that can help steer the consumer from getting a lemon or a dud. These consumers want to share with the next shopper the genuine experience they just had, whether it was good or bad. Maybe they truly got the deal of a lifetime on a new vehicle at the local dealership and they can’t wait to share. Maybe the new washer they purchased broke right after the fact and they’ve discovered this brand and part is notorious for that. They may have very valuable information regarding service, return policies, warranties or the product itself. Take the time to read several, good and bad to get a feel for any possible pitfalls before valuable currency has actually left the wallet and it will pay off in the long run for sure!

Business Review Via the Internet

When you are searching for a specific business whether one that is needed to perform work in your home or one that is going to perform a service for you or on that is selling something you may require, it is nice to have additional information available to you in the format of a business review. But just any business review is not what you need but instead you need a review of the business form someone whose opinion you trust. Or even a review from someone who has actually used that business before and has been happy with the service, products or performance. One place to get this type of review in on the internet.

Many businesses that sell whatever they to sell or offer services over the internet will have a section of their website devoted to testimonials from prior customers. One thing you have to consider when you read these testimonials is that generally someone will post a review if they are extremely happy with the service or extremely unhappy with the service or product. Generally if they are merely satisfied they will not post a review at all.

Also when someone is posting on a seller’s website the seller who controls that website has the ability to delete or have first chance of reviewing that review and responding to it. If it is a somewhat negative review that is structured so that the seller can respond to it in a very constructive manner then they may allow the negative review to remain but add their comments which may make the reviewer look silly or may make the seller look like they are much better than the review. Many times people have personal idiosyncrasies that come into play when they review something so if it is just them, well then the review may serve its own purpose.

So when you are looking for a review of a business you will need to keep an open mind. If it is a local service such as a house cleaner then you can ask around and find out if anyone you know has used them before. A more effective way may be to inquire on a community website. There are many community websites on the internet that exist to get various people involved in that online community. As the online community evolves it may attract various levels of interest. If the website is devoted to a specific interest group such as crafters or quilters or travelers to Paris then as the community evolves over time online the people will get to know each other. As this happens they can ask has anyone used such and such a service that is generally related to the website interest.

If the online community is all about creating a local online community in a city or town then as it evolves within that community a business review section can be a potential powerful advertising tool for businesses to use to advertise their products and services online.

Home Business Reviews – And Why the Review Site Business Model is So Good

Surely you know by now there is more than one way to create a successful online business. The home business review site model, or even just a generic review site model, is one way to go for producing an online income for yourself.

Some techniques require more skill and practice than others. Most do not require a lot of up front money, which is what makes them appealing for the everyday person looking for an extra income.

Let’s look at a dose of reality. Not everyone is good at marketing or sales. Writing is one skill that nearly every kind of online business requires in some form.

Writing product reviews is one technique.
Email marketing takes another style of writing.
Article marketing is another form.
Video marketing requires a particular approach to writing and recording.
It even seems that writing blogs may call for yet another type of writing.
Look closely at the things you read. You can learn from the experts when you analyze HOW they write things.

As an online business owner you will need to function in many different roles:

Marketer to sell your products
Content producer for your site.
Researcher to find and review good products.
Business manager for planning ahead and making decisions.
Manager to care for your business and help desk.
If you select a review site business model, you can minimize some of these tasks. One good aspect of this model is because the good content in your reviews replaces your marketing. It is easy to tell when someone has written a bogus review simply to make a sale. Look closely at the content. Straightforward content is the best form for this kind of writing. Actually most people with basic reading, writing and analysis skills have the ability needed to build and maintain a review site.

Should you ever write a bad review?

Yes. If all you do is praise the product or the producer you are not going to be taken seriously. When you see a product’s flaws, point them out. It is not necessary to be confrontational, just honest and direct. If all you are doing is writing a review in order to make a sale, people will see through the process. Many review sites make this mistake. You are not going to make a sale from every review you write.

If you found a product that is not worth recommending, find a suitable alternative and tell people about it. Actually that is a method that some reviewers rely upon. They point out the flaws in one program and identify how the other one compensates for them, thus recommending an alternative. By searching forums you can find programs that people are recommending or complaining about, so you will never run out of topics.

You can also search for other home business reviews to see how those sites are run

With that all understood, who is going to read your reviews? Who will find them?

They say find a need and fill it. But how do you know who needs reviews and how will they find your site among the millions of others out there?

Here is the exciting part. You want a very specific audience that is already interested in a particular product but they need some extra input about it. Your good review can give them that. You’re attracting very targeted traffic. Consumers appreciate integrity and good content.

The next issue is how do you get people to read what you wrote? Several methods help you here.

Email marketing is one. Send an email to your subscribers and let them know you have written an informative review. That is not marketing actually, you are saying something like ‘I saw this abc product and wrote a review on it. You can go to this link to read it.’ This is delivering content by email.
PPC means pay per click. With AdWords or Yahoo Search campaigns you can send some traffic to your pages. Choose low cost terms to make this worthwhile.
Article marketing is simplest. You write the short version of your review with links back to your review page and send it to article directories.
Google alerts and blog commenting are simple too. Set up a Google alert for your product to see what other people are saying about it. If you find a good blog talking about your product, go and make a comment and be sure to link back to your review page.
Affiliate Marketers can really benefit from using the review site model. By the way, these steps are much the same as those you would apply when you are ready to build a marketing funnel.

Daniel McGonagle is an entrepreneur, marketing coach, and business consultant. His blog at [http://firsthandreviews.com] reviews home businesses and marketing products.

How You Can Use an Online Business Review

You need security when doing business on the internet, especially if you are a customer looking for a product or a service. With all the business set up online, weeding out the legitimate business from the scams is one thing that everyone must learn to do.

There are a number of ways to know if an online business is legitimate or a fraud. An online business review is one of these. Online business reviewers are reliable sources of information on the latest internet scams and hoaxes so you will know if that job you are applying for or if that new affiliate program is a not all that it is cracked up to be. In a nutshell, these reviewers test the waters so you won’t have to worry about trial and error selection when it comes to online moneymaking ventures. Simply pick among a list of trusted affiliate marketing providers, for example, and start earning money through affiliate marketing. Reviews are not limited to online ventures; they can include personnel as well. Business men and women, retailers and wholesalers online can be reviewed so you know which sellers to trust and which ones to avoid. A lot of auction sites like eBay and Amazon allow their users to post reviews of the product, the service and the business owner on their site, helping others choose the right seller for them.

These reviews cover almost every kind of money making venture in the internet. These include whole sale drop shipping reviews, reviews of affiliate marketing programs, affiliate marketing eBooks, data entry, social marketing, video marketing, pain online surveys, ecommerce stores, domain parking and eBay and online auctions.

How an Online Business Review Is Done

When it comes to examining how legitimate an online business is, most reviewers look at a number of factors. These include profitability, cost vs. benefit ratio, ease of execution, guarantees and support, and user friendliness. Testing companies usually have people try out the various online money making ventures such as affiliate marketing programs to see if they do produce the returns that they claim to generate.

Other Types of Reviews

Aside from an online business review, you will also find reviews of marketing tools useful, especially if you are an internet entrepreneur. These reviews will help you choose among the best marketing tools for your business and eliminate the need to try out these tools one by one before you get to the tool that will suit you. Reviews include reviews on Google AdWords training, SEO tools, press releases, outsourcing, auto responders and keyword and marketing tool reviews.

If you are not sure what kind of online business opportunity you want to get into, it is best to avoid trial and error testing and go with proven effective business models. This applies whether you want to do business online or the old fashioned way. An online business review will help you choose which business will be most beneficial to you, so use it in making your decision.

Seven Secret Weapons to Getting Reviews on Google Places, Yelp, and Other Business Review Sites

Amazon’s business model was a major game changer for the sales of books and now products. The approach was totally innovative on many levels, but it is likely that the most significant was the incorporation of reviews by rank amateurs into the mix. If you are like me, you have made decisions to buy or not buy a specific item on Amazon, purely on the basis of these reviews by average citizens.

The statistics bear this out. Just the existence of a review makes the likelihood of some kind of action double. Positive reviews are a major contributor to purchase decisions. And we all know how devastating a major negative review can be.

Over the past few years the amateur review has become a huge factor in the business of local search engine marketing for small companies. Reviews are driving the rankings of SMB’s in Google Places, the most critical advertising venue on the internet today. Yelp Reviews are so critical that local business owners have sued Yelp for their methods of “selecting” which reviews get shown and which get filtered out.

Shockingly, with all this emphasis on reviews, far more than half of the listings on Google Places show NO reviews at all. Many companies have negative reviews showing on Yelp or Google Places with no response, even though responses are possible. Certainly there are owners who are internet challenged or just too busy to take advantage of this form of free advertising. On the other hand, there may be many owners who are just too timid or humble to ask. Unfortunately, it is the unique business who finds reviews just popping up without any effort on management’s part. So here are seven actions to add to your to do list.

Get over it. If you are providing good products and or services to your customers, many will be actually happy to help your business with a review. Not everyone. Some of your clients are internet dummies, too.
Simply ask. Whoever has direct client interaction at your company should simply ask folks to provide a review or two or three. Some of them will likely let you know that they commonly review local companies they do business with.
Provide a “kit.” Help those who need some help with a simple brochure that explains how to create and leave a review for you. Give very specific instructions on where to find the review area on each local search engine or directory. Let them know in advance if they will have to sign up or get an account in order to do a review.
Request reviews on your blog. In fact, put up a standing request on your website, blog, Facebook, and anywhere else you have a presence online.
Personal requests to best friends. Send out a personal letter or email to top clients and attach the instruction kit. Your best clients are the most likely to give you glowing reviews. Duh!
Follow up. If folks promise you a review, don’t hesitate to ask later if they have done so. They may have been bogged down as to what to write or in how to get it on the site you requested. Even the best instructions sometimes don’t result in internet success.
Thank those who perform. Some online business review sites discourage payment or discounts for reviews. But there is nothing wrong with a nice thank you after the fact. This thank you has more meaning if it includes a coupon or a nice gift. This, of course, also opens the door to ask for more reviews.

How to Write Better Business Reviews

We are going to cover how to write better business reviews from a more personal perspective. Before we jump in, let’s talk about the different business review classifications. There are three classifications of business reviews that are separated by their intent. Those are Regulatory, Survey, & Personal. Regulatory business reviews are common reviews mandated by the local or federal government. These are your typical fire and health code regulatory reports. Survey business reviews can either be public or private. If a company wants to quickly gather input on internal problems, then initiating a private survey to employees is an OK method for determining solutions. Using public surveys are a good option for gauging how customers and prospects perceive the company. The problem is that surveys are generally made of mostly closed-ended questions. This is your typical multiple choice setup with no means of elaboration. This also means that valuable information can be lost causing fabrication of inappropriate solutions. Regardless, regulatory and survey reviews provide a somewhat structured process for interpreting results.

Personal reviews, however, are more valuable and can also be private or public. This review classification can be a collection of many personal reviews or from a single person’s experience. Companies will often hire an expert to assess their environment, document problems, and present solutions by talking with workers, compiling their experiences, and analyze their environment. This dance of information is normally kept private from the public to hide, minimize, or prevent further internal problems of the company. Many companies fail because they make no attempt to survey their operations. Publicly available business reviews (i.e., personal reviews) are quite interesting. Collectively, they can be somewhat informative, yet seem contradicting in comparison. If anything, they generally fail to give you the complete story. Before we can write better business reviews, we have to know what’s missing from the traditionally good ones.

What does that mean, traditionally? Find any magazine article that writes about a business or find an online post that gives a business five stars. Does it seem they tell you a whole bunch of stuff/fluff without mentioning something truly insightful? It usually feels as though they are missing something. That little something that can tug at the reader, regardless of their background or true interest. It is not enough to simply write about your experience. In order to write better business reviews, you have to document how the moments of your experience made you feel… That’s right. You have to write about how you felt during your experience and not just about what happened. There’s a difference. When you do so, this uncovers a special dimension of valuable information that opens the reader’s mind to reality. Once engaged, their mind will recreate your stories and replay them to determine how those moments would make them feel. Sit back and think about that for a moment…

Visit any site that allows you to review business experiences from customers. Did any authors document what they felt? Most likely not. Some say the place is bad. Some say the business is great. Some say it’s just ok. These mixed reviews only further confuse the reader. To minimize the confusion, it would be more helpful if those authors talked more about how their experiences made them feel. For instance, let’s say a great steak restaurant prepared your steak medium rare instead of medium well. That doesn’t necessarily mean the place sucks. You feel like asking them to prepare another steak, but you don’t so now you think the entire experience is terrible. Why didn’t you ask them to prepare another steak? Were you pressed for time or were you angry at something else they did? Your readers need to know the reasoning process so they can develop the full picture.

Let’s say you visited a new “pho” restaurant. You’ve had pho before, yet you want to document your experience at a new restaurant in town. While there you did a very wise thing and noted how you felt throughout the experience and now you are ready to write. Before you actually get started, stop and think about the readers. Do they know what pho is? Do they know how to pronounce pho? By the way, it’s Vietnamese and pronounced like “fuh” not “foe.” Are the readers aware of common methods for eating pho? You have no way of knowing the background of your readers, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to include this information in your review? That tidbit of information instantly adds value.

By now you should understand what’s missing from most business reviews out there, but I want to leave you with this… The magic is not in the What, but in the How and Why. Remember that and you will produce better business reviews and eliminate mental writing blocks. The things that you normally take for granted are the things you must start paying attention to. The travel, the location, the people, the environment, the dècor, the service, the process, your expectations, your knowledge base, and your feelings about them are elements that you have to mentally subscribe to in order to produce meaningful and better business reviews.

Understanding Business Review Sites

Consumers will often browse review sites before making a purchase. However, in some cases, these reviews are more confusing than helpful. In others, they are downright misleading. How can you really tell if they are honest reviews or if the company is paying someone to post positive reviews as part of an “online reputation management” service? How much influence should a bad review play in your decision to use or not use a specific company?

Business Review Websites

Today, there are dozens of business review sites for consumers to browse. Sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Google+, and Yahoo Local are all used by consumers. In addition, sites like the Better Business Bureau offer the opportunity for customers to leave a review about a business. If the company is online, there are literally dozens of online sites offering feedback about a company.

How Do Review Websites Work?

In most cases, review websites are open to anyone wanting to leave a review. Sites like Google + do a decent job of weeding out spam, but no program is going to be perfect. One way to rule out review websites is if the site does not allow the business owner to respond to the feedback or actually review the feedback before it is posted. Sites such as this are probably there more for income generation through ads than actual legitimate feedback.

Can I Believe Online Reviews?

This is a great question and one that really has no exact answer. It is not uncommon for some business owners to leave bad reviews about another business within its niche. One site where you will see this a lot is Facebook. The business owner can only delete the posting off their site, but the rating will still count towards the overall review of the company. It is unscrupulous, but it does happen.

You really need to look at the overall picture of the business. How many transactions is the business completing on a daily basis vs. how many reviews are left for the company? In other words, a company doing 10,000 transactions a month that has one or two negative reviews within that period is not a true representation of the customer service the company offers. Every company in the world would be happy with a customer satisfaction rating that high!

So Where Can I Shop?

The bottom line here is that one or two negative feedbacks on any business review site are no reason to write off a business. Take a really good look at the overall picture of customer service and make your decision that way. Also, realize that at times, there simply is no satisfying a customer. If you own a business yourself or work in something customer service related, you have more than likely dealt with at least one person where nothing would satisfy them.

Consumers are far more likely to leave a review after a negative experience than they are after a positive one. So, do the research to find the overall number of transactions a particular business is doing and weigh that against the overall number of reviews you are seeing. If you still have doubts, simply call them up and to see what kind of customer service is being offered. But, if you have a positive experience, do the business owner a favor and leave a review!